Maciej Soszka,

Maciej Soszka was graduated by The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology  Warsaw University of Technology in 2014. In 2013 Mr. Soszka started his research in the field of telecommunication on Vodafone Chair TU Dresden. In 2015 he joined the european project mmMagic (5G PPP)  and  was responsible for the work package „RAN functions, architecture, and network integration”. Since 2018 he was in the board of the couple companies and the senior researcher in some projects. He is also the PhD candidate on Warsaw University of Technology.

Key areas

network architecture, outage probability, optimization
algorithms, neural networks, millimetre waves, channel estimation, joint coding, beamforming, advanced antennas, multi-connectivity; 3G,4G,5G


1. „On Link Combining Method for Highly Reliable Future Wireless Communication” Maciej Soszka, Meryem Simsek and Gerhard Fettweis, ISWCS 2016, Poznań, Poland
2. „Energy Efficiency Optimization for 2D Antenna” Maciej Soszka, Meryem Simsek and Gerhard Fettweis, WCNC 2016, Doha, Qatar
3. "Multi-Cell Flow-Level Performance of Traffic-Adaptive Beamforming under Realistic Spatial Traffic Conditions” Henrik Klessig, Maciej Soszka, and Gerhard Fettweis, ISWCS 2015, Brussels, Belgium
4. "Coverage and Capacity Optimization in Cellular Radio Networks with
Advanced Antennas” Maciej Soszka, Sascha Berger, Albrecht Fehske, Meryem Simsek, Bohdan Butkiewicz, and Gerhard Fettweis, WSA 2015, Ilmenau Germany
5. “Joint Throughput and Coverage Optimization Under Sparse System Knowledge in LTE-A Networks“ S. Berger, M. Soszka, P. Zanier, I. Viering, A. Fehske and G. Fettweis, ICTC 2013, Jeju, South Korea
6. “What is the Advantage of Cooperation in Self-Organizing Networks?” S. Berger, P. Zanier, M. Soszka, A. Fehske, I. Viering and G. Fettweis, IFIP WD 2013, Valencia, Spain
7. Deliverable D3.1 Initial concepts on 5G architecture and integration , mmMagic Report

Wiktor Sienkiewicz,

Wiktor Sienkiewicz is an embedded systems developer. He has graduated Biomedical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. Wiktor is a IoT and biomedical devices enthusiastic with 5 years experience in his profession.

Key areas

embedded systems, IMU, GPS, GSM, RTOSes, mesh networks, IoT, signal processing


Marek Pachwicewicz,

Marek Pachwicewicz ­ an embedded systems developer. In 2016 he has graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology, with a specialty in Electronics. His projects have received numerous awards both in commercial and scientific areas. He is the author of several scientific papers related to inertial navigation. Entrepreneur and project manager.

Key areas

embedded systems, sensors, GPS, micromechanical devices, accelerometers


1. "Skydiver Flight Parameters Recorder", M. Pachwicewicz, J. Weremczuk, S, Rzewuski, COE 2018, Warsaw, Poland,
2. "Accuracy Estimation of the Sounding Rocket Navigation System", COE 2018, Warsaw, Poland,
3. "Inertial Measurements of Curling Stone Movement", B. Dzikowski, M. Pachwicewicz, J. Weremczuk, COE 2018, Warsaw, Poland

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